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Office 2007: PowerPoint & Publisher  - The Best Bits

While it's true that most people who buy Microsoft Office 2007 do so primarily to use either Word or Excel, there are two other powerful applications within the suite that shouldn't be forgotten. PowerPoint, despite originally being one of many competing electronic presentation applications, now has the market pretty much to itself, so much so that terms such as ‘death by PowerPoint' have entered the language of those who don't appreciate long electronic slide presentations.

The other, unfairly minor, member of the suite is Publisher, relegated to the business versions and excluded from Home and Student and Standard editions. This is a great shame, as Publisher is a versatile and well-appointed desktop publishing program. This writer uses it as his page layout application of choice and has produced everything from full-colour flyers and handbills to 80-page, perfect-bound, commercially-printed books.

As with all the Office applications, there are plenty of people who use only a fraction of the facilities provided. If you poke around in some of the less well-illuminated corners, though, you can soon reveal a lot of useful tools and helpful additions to the programs which can make presentations and publications attractive and informative through good and easy-to-achieve design.

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