The Winners

Finally we come to our three prize-winning photos for this month, although once again choosing them was no easy task. The first runner up, and winner of a 1GB PNY SD card and a £25 Photobox voucher, is this excellent photo from Samuel Thornton of Reading, UK. It combines a nice balanced composition with perfect timing, and expresses the theme of the competition superbly.

Whatever your opinion of the various cage fighting sports, there can be no doubt that this low-key shot from Rebecca Lai of Glasgow, Scotland, captures the atmosphere of a match to perfection. It is a worthy winner of a 1GB PNY SD card and a £25 Photobox voucher.

Our winner this month is this beautiful shot from Jörg Remien of München in Germany. Shot on a Nikon D80 using an 18mm focal length and a shutter speed of 1/1000th of a second at f/4, it is a superb example of how timing and composition are so important when photographing action. Jörg wins our first prize, a 2GB PNY SD card and a £50 voucher from Photobox.

Congratulations to Samuel, Rebecca and Jörg, whose prizes will be on their way shortly, and a big thank-you to all our other entrants. Remember that our November competition is currently open, with the theme of Colours of Autumn, so why not enter and show us what you can do? Please read the rules and submission requirements at the link above first though.


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