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October Digital Photography Competition Results

After the mixed results for our September theme, I was curious to see what results we'd get for our October theme of "Sport & recreation", another broad topic with a lot of room for interpretation. I have to say that I was very pleasantly surprised; the quality of the entries this month was of a very high standard, and I really wish I had the space to show you more of the best ones. As it is however I'm just going to show the best fifteen, including our three prize winners.

It seems to have become something of a standing tradition in our monthly photo competition that the entries tend to fall into broad categories, and this was especially true this month. Many popular sports and pastimes were represented by several submissions, and even some of the less well-know ones had several entries. For example we received two photos of Scottish caber-tossing, and several of white-water kayaking.

So on to the best of the runners-up. Not surprisingly, cycling was amongst the most popular subjects, which is probably good news for both the environment and for the good health of our readers. My favourite in this category was this excellent landscape shot of a lone cyclist in the mountains of Switzerland, from Oliver Bock-Brown of Norfolk, UK.

Another striking bicycle-based photo was this shot from Andrew Miller of Tonbridge in Kent, UK, better known of course as our former colleague and regular forum contributor Spode. He sure does love his mountain bikes.

Professional competitive cycling is a colourful and highly photogenic sport, as shown by this superb panning shot from Craig Richardson of London, UK. The fact that he's used a 135mm lens on his Nikon D80 makes it all the more impressive.


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