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BFG 8800GTS OC 320MB

BFGTech has always tried to distinguish itself from the competition by providing some of the most comprehensive bundles you can get along with a lifetime (10 years in Europe) warranty. True to form, this card comes with both of these attributes. The reason the warranty is limited to 10 years in Europe is to do with EU legislation on electronic goods. Somehow I think 10 years is going to be more than enough for most of us though.

The bundle consists of a BFG Tech T-shirt – XL of course, component breakout cable, a 2x Molex to six-pin power adapter, two DVI to D-SUB adapters, driver disc, quick install guide, and some stickers - so you can add more clutter to your already Post-It plastered monitor. Unfortunately no games are included but, which would you rather have, a BFG t-shirt or Company Of Heroes? Ok, don’t answer that one.

BFG packs the card in an anti-static bag, which is then wrapped in a bubble wrap sleeve, to ensure it doesn’t get damaged in transit. Everything is then contained in a very sturdy box – and yes I do prefer the dark moody look to the spritely look of the MSI.

The card itself is indistinguishable from any other 8800 GTS 320MB, except for the BFG artwork, as it sticks to the reference design completely. The only differences are under the hood where the core clock speed has increased from 500MHz to 550MHz and the stream processor clock has gone from 1,200MHz to 1,300MHz. I’ll expect to see performance increase by approximately the same percentage that the clock speed has increased, i.e. just under ten per cent.

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