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MSI has chosen a rather intriguing graphical theme to cover the box, with an angelic female figure emblazoned across the front. Maybe it’s trying to appeal to the manga fans out there but I don’t find it gives that impression of power you expect from such a high-end product. It’s made all the more amusing by the fact that a Company Of Heroes sticker is stuck on the front, rather compromising the heavenly look of the box.

The card comes packed inside an anti-static bag nestled in a cardboard recess within the box. Below this you’ll find a user guide, driver disc, component breakout cable, two DVI to D-SUB adapters, a 2x Molex to six-pin power adapter, and a copy of Company Of Heroes.

It’s good to see such a highly rated new game included as part of the bundle. The only issue being that, if you’re looking to buy a card like this, you are likely to have all the latest games already.

The card itself is totally reference design with just the obligatory company sticker on the cooler. Clock speeds are all standard and warranty is limited to two years.

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