The T2D256E-HD OC is one of three 8600 GTS cards that MSI is offering at launch. It features nVidia's stock cooler but the core is overclocked to 690MHz and the memory to 2,100MHz. The other two cards on offer are the T2D256E OC and the T2D256EZ-HD. The former is also an overclocked card but it features a custom cooler and the core is pushed all the way to 700MHz. The T2D256EZ-HD is a passively cooled card that runs at standard clock speeds and features a cooler similar to the XFX Fatal1ty 7600 GT we looked at a while ago.

The T2D256E-HD OC ships in a very sturdy box which features a convenient carry handle for easy transportation. Inside, the card is wrapped in an anti static bag which is wedged inside a solid piece of foam rubber making for a very secure housing for the card.

Included in the bundle is a two-molex to six-pin power adapter, an S-Video and Component out dongle, an S-Video cable, and a couple of DVI to VGA adapters. You also get the obligatory driver and electronic manual disc, and a couple of quick start guides. Best of all, though, you get a copy of Company Of Heroes, the brilliant real-time strategy game. Of course, if you already own this game then you may want to look elsewhere but for only £8 more than the Leadtek card it offers great value.

Warranty is the standard two year affair with preferred contact being through the reseller, though MSI will provide for those unwilling to take the third party route. You can expect to wait between 7 and 28 days for a replacement to arrive when returned directly.

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