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Verdict / SLI Testing

This group test wouldn’t be complete without at least looking at how this card stacks up in SLI. For this we used our reference 7900 GTs and compared them to a single reference 7900 GT and a 7900 GTX, all using the 84.17 drivers. Considering two 7900GTs are close to the cost of a single 7900 GTX, we figured it was worth the comparison.

The results speak for themselves, but the 7900 GT scales quite well with 50 per cent and above improvement in performance. Interestingly, in the higher resolutions a single 7900 GTX actually offered more performance increase over two cards - so bear this in mind.


The 7900 GT is the new 6800 GT. It’s amazing value and isn’t far off the speed of nVidia’s flagship 7900 GTX, for a fraction of the price. From what we’ve seen, it looks to overclock really well too! It’s also a single slot solution and draws a lot less power than competing products, making it perfect for SFF machines.

There is no doubt in my mind that the 7900 GT is the card to have, the question is – which one? I would have to go with the XFX for its superior performance straight out of the box and competitive pricing. However, the 90 day swap out and lifetime warranty on the eVGA may be tempting enough to consider shelling out the extra £20 for.

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