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XFX 7900 GT XXX Edition

The XFX 7900 GT XXX Edition has a name that will probably cause problems with Internet browsers in education facilities across the country. However, despite the strange naming convention it's clocked incredibly high – 560MHz core and 825MHz (1,650MHz effective) memory instead of the normal 450/660.

XFX have taken the route of paying nVidia a little bit extra for the faster core, but someone at XFX has also been fiddling around with overclocking these cards enough to realise that the Samsung 1.4ns modules are very capable chips and that 825MHz can probably be considered a conservative overclock.

Included with the card is Starship Troopers. I haven’t had a chance to play this, but considering nVidia was using this not too long ago to show off Pixel Shader 3, it’s probably pretty at the least. The card comes with a two-year warranty, which is about the minimum you’d want on a graphics card. In America, XFX actually offer a “double lifetime” warranty (person A sells it on to person B, who also gets a lifetime warranty), so it’s a bit disappointing that this isn’t offered in Europe too.

Performance was, as expected, very high. If you look at the graphs, you’ll see a gradual increase in performance as all of these cards are clocked at different levels. However, if you concentrate on looking at the difference between the stock clocked Asus and the XFX, you will see 5-15fps difference.

With clock speeds this high, you would expect overclocking to be non-existent, much like the eVGA. However, this wasn’t the case with the core happily overclocking to 590MHz and the memory to 900MHz. The performance impact of this was minimal, but enough to make it the fastest card in this group test.

What is most incredible about this card, is the fact it is only £247.22 which is about what you’d pay for a standard clocked 7900 GT. A lot of resellers are actually charging £300 for this card, so I’d recommend shopping around.

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