BFG 7900 GT OC

As the name suggests, the BFG 7900 GT OC is pre-overclocked to slightly higher frequencies of 475MHz core and 680MHz (1,360MHz effective) memory over the default 450/660. This is a pretty poor excuse for an overclock, especially considering that the memory is technically capable of 715MHz. I would have expected them to at least match these clock speeds – after all, that’s not technically overclocking. Overclocking is going beyond the manufacturers rated speed.

Still, the most endearing factor of this card is the lifetime warranty and 24/7 e-mail support. It’s questionable if you will be using the same graphics card in two, three or four years time, but knowing that if something goes wrong it will be repaired really puts your mind at rest. There is no bundle, but that’s no big loss.

Compared to the Asus which runs at stock speeds, performance difference is almost non-existent with 1.5fps difference in most cases and at most by 3fps in the already super-fast Quake 4.

Overclocking this card is where things start to get interesting, with 570MHz on the core and 890MHz on the memory bringing this card much closer to 7900 GTX speeds. That is an amazing overclock, but only slightly better than the Asus 7900 GT. The difference could quite easily be put down to luck of the draw. These chips are quite obviously not “the cream of the crop” as some pre-overclocked cards are but rather just clocked higher, taking advantage of the natural overclocking these chips have.

By not including a bundle and using standard chips instead of paying nVidia extra for higher rated chips, BFG have managed to keeps costs down so that they price of this card is almost identical to the Asus 7900 GT. In fact, the slightly elevated price is more than likely due to generally having higher prices. If you can find this card elsewhere, it should be very price competitive. With a lifetime warranty, I know which I would pick out of the two.

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