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Colours of Autumn


November Digital Photography Competition Results

After the outstanding entries we received for our October competition, I had high hopes for our November theme, Colours of Autumn. I was not disappointed, and both the quantity and the quality of the entries this month was higher than ever. Given the name of the theme, I was half afraid that I'd just receive 200 photos of a pile of leaves, but I needn't have feared. Our competition entrants interpreted the theme with style and imagination, and even the photos of leaves were brilliantly executed. Usually we receive a significant percentage of entries that are simply rubbish that should have been deleted rather than sent in to a photography competition, but this month almost every entrant was a serious contender, which made picking the winners harder than ever.

But pick we must, so we'll start off as usual by looking at some of the popular sub-themes that always appear in our photo competitions. By far the most popular genre this month was close-up shots of leaves, as exemplified by this nice composition from Nathaniel Gonzales of Oxford, UK, who has combined the bright colours of an autumnal leaf with the faded background of weathered wood to great effect. This is Nathaniel's second month in a row as a runner-up.

Similar in theme but quite different in execution is this interesting image from Lee Myers of Hull, UK, who also submitted one of the runner-up photos last month. Lee has used a scanner rather than a camera to capture this image, which is an unusual approach to a photography competition, but the combination of colour, shape, composition and the unusual choice of background material (bubble wrap, I think) has produced a striking result.

Another picture from a competition regular is this highly creative shot from Les Stow of Guildford, UK, who also had a photo among our September finalists. Here Les has used small tea lights positioned behind this leaf to provide the unusual colours and shadows.


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