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Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10

That said, the MotionPlus game I was most looking forward to was this one: the latest Wii installment of the Tiger Woods PGA Tour Golf saga. I enjoyed Tiger Woods 09 on the Wii, but I always found the control system halfway convincing; lifelike enough to make you feel a little like you were playing, but not so lifelike that you didn't feel a little bit cheated. With MotionPlus, Tiger Woods 10 is about as close as you're going to get to real golf with a small chunk of plastic in your hand instead of a club.

Admittedly, Tiger Woods 10 hasn't been my favourite installment on other consoles. It's not a substantial upgrade on Tiger Woods 09, and the variety of the old Tiger Challenge mode has been ditched for a new Tournament Challenge mode, where instead of playing fun and interesting golf variants, you're merely trying to replicate or better the performance of the pros in a number of historical challenges. Other features, like real-time course weather pulled direct from a feed from the Weather Channel, don't make as dramatic a change as you might think, and while some new online options are interesting, they don't have a major effect on how the game looks, feels and plays, which is, it has to be said, much the same as last year's version. The commentary, from two trendy American halfwits I can't even bring myself to name, is almost staggeringly annoying. On the plus side, you do get an excellent selection of new courses, including Bethpage and Turnberry - the sites of this year's US and British Opens.

Luckily, MotionPlus does add a lot to the gameplay. Subjectively, the shots you play on the screen seem to relate much more directly to the way you swing the remote, and it's now possible to draw or fade shots by twisting the remote as you connect (in a virtual sense) with the ball. The new Precision Putting system also works well. Instead of getting multiple, selectable putters for different distances you just get one putter, as in real life. The length of the backswing, the speed of the swing and the follow through all affect the movement of the ball, and the resulting feel is - again - much closer to real life.

This is both a curse and a blessing. With swing difficulty set to the more lifelike Advanced mode, I found the experience of playing Tiger Woods a little too close to my experience of real-life golf for comfort. I was hooking and slicing all over the shop, making those ridiculous chips that never find the green, and regularly taking three or four putts to hole the ball. Sure, I was hitting harder and further than I would at my local course, but there's no doubt that this can be a very frustrating and challenging game of golf. Luckily, on top of the All Play mode, which effectively dumbs down Tiger Woods so that even your six-year-old child or sixty-year-old gran can play, there's an intermediate Standard mode that offers enough draw and fade to keep things interesting, but doesn't make things too hard on the incompetent golfer. You still get the real world feel, but without some of the real world pain.

In short, this is the definitive Wii golf game and one of the best on any system - though, to be honest, there's not really a great deal of competition barring Everybody's Golf on the PSP and PS3. It's also one of the deepest Wii games out there, thanks to the excellent career mode, some well considered online options and - new with Tiger 10 - the chance to play Frisbee Golf (or Disc Golf in Tiger parlance) instead of the traditional variety. Like Golf? Have a Wii? I think you know what you need to do.


MotionPlus adds a new dimension to Tiger Woods, giving the game a more realistic, lifelike feel. That said, you might want to keep clear of the Advanced control mode if you want to avoid real golf frustration.

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