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In Public Displays the big news was literally the LCD5710 – a 57in LCD Public Display. That’s erm big. If you subscribe to the bigger is better school of thought, then you’ll like this display. It’s 1,920 x 1,080 has a contrast ratio of 900:1 and 450 cd/m2 brightness. This little baby will be available from August 2006. Too late for the world cup – oh well.

If you’re wondering what the difference between a Public Display and an LCD TV is then you weren’t alone. It turns out that it's features such as an easily detachable bezel so you can put it into a wall, the ability to add touch solutions and protective screens and built-in overheating protection. This latter feature is important as you don’t want your expensive investment to break down because you’ve left it on for too long. You can also build them into those massive TV walls that you see at big events – you can’t do that with regular LCD tellys.

They also don’t have built-in TV tuners. However NEC has created a new type of category that does – a Multi-function Device These are Public Displays that do offer a TV Tuner and have smarter designs in order to fit nicely into areas such as gyms, bars and hotel lobbies, but also offer the features and robustness of regualr PDs. The new MFM will be available in both 40in and 46in sizes and will have 1,920 x 1,080 resolution and an HDMI input.

Finally, there’s the highly specialised Medical Displays. These use unique X-Light backlights and are approved to meet the various stringent requirements so that you can use these displays safely next to patients.

What’s important in medical displays is long term consistency in white balance and luminance over time. You can’t have colours fading or inaccurate otherwise a doctor could see a serious problem in a patient’s X-Ray when in fact it’s no more than a slightly dodgy pixel colour.


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