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Things move pretty fast in the world of tech, and there was no clearer example than last week. Let me take you on a spin round it from my point of view - My Week In Tech, if you will.


Well, the week started with getting up at the absurdly early time of 4:25am on a Monday morning, so that I could be at Heathrow for at 8:05 flight -so I could get to Germany for a Panasonic ToughBook press trip which, in typical German efficiency mode had to start at exactly 12:00pm - hence the 4:25 start. Why a tour of the Toyota factory you might ask? Well Panasonic sponsors the Toyota Formula One team, hence Panasonic Toyota Racing, so that's why. Of course, the other reason I wasn't in the best of moods was that I was hoping I'd be going to a Formula One factory as a proud Brit, with Lewis Hamilton the world champion. Unfortunately, as we know, it didn't turn out that way, which really capped a great week for British sport - with losses in football, rugby and then Formula One.

The factory was pretty fascinating - though unfortunately I can't show you as we weren't allowed to take any pictures. There was even a little booth where everyone had to leave their cameras and phones.

The coolest part was probably the wind tunnels, used for testing aerodynamics. These were massive and looked like something out of Star Trek, even though the car they put in them was only 50 per cent of the full size car. Apparently, the cost of these wind tunnels is huge, even for a company like Toyota, which I understand has spent more than any other F1 team - the rumours say around 500 million - but it literally can't buy a win.

Coming out of the factory I got a text to call Riyad, ASAP. Naturally, I'm thinking, "oops, what have I done," but in fact it was to be told that TrustedReviews.com had been sold - to media publishing giant IPC, which is pretty big news - feel free to express your thoughts. Now, while this is clearly great news for the company, I had to wonder why they had chosen to wait until I was out of the county to sign on the dotted line...

After nearly falling asleep in the final factory lecture - a real death by PowerPoint affair, we were whisked off to Go-Karting, and after a close run battle my team came .... second.

I know how Lewis Hamilton felt - kind of.

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