Having been admonished for failing to include We7 in my previous roundup, I was resolved not to make the same mistake again, and it's fortunate that I didn't because We7's service is worthy of consideration. There are enough interesting features to let this service stand apart from the crowd.

We7 doesn't have a desktop application; instead it runs in your web browser, which is fair enough. The user interface could do with dropping some of the useless animation effects in favour of simple, but practical navigation elements, but overall it's not bad.

The Free service is ad-supported, but in a neat trick extended use accumulates credit towards 'ad-free days' which are exactly what they sound like. This is actually more useful that you might think. Although adverts are annoying, most of the time they're tolerable in exchange for free music. We7's ad-free days cater perfectly to those times - hosting a party, for example - when constant advertisement interruptions traverse from annoying to insufferable.

The £4.99 paid-for Premium service is par for the course, offering unlimited advert free streaming. A Premium+ subscription will set you back a dearer £9.99 and only adds an iPhone app currently, although an Android one is promised as coming soon.

Whether the lack of a desktop client, in favour of a web-based interface is a good or bad thing is too subjective to make a definitive call on. It's the clever ability to accumulate ad-free stretches of cost free listening that proves the killer feature of We7.


We7 is a solid service and will increase in attractiveness once its mobile application support extends beyond the iPhone. It also has the fillip of being web browser based, which is an advantage over Spotify.

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