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Moto G 4G vs Moto G – What's new?

Andrew Williams


Moto G 4G
Moto G 4G

What's New in the 4G Moto G?

Motorola has announced a 4G version of the hugely popular Moto G, the best-selling Motorola phone to date. However, there's more to this update than just a new kind of network connectivity.

UPDATE: Motorola have now anounced the Moto G 2. Find out what we think of it in our hands on review: Moto G 2

Here's how the new 4G Moto G compares to the original, and a look at which one you should consider buying.

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Moto G 4G vs G – Price


The original Moto G is extremely aggressively priced. It's no surprise that Motorola has had to increase the price a little.

Where the 8GB Moto G sells for around £99.99, the 4G version of the phone costs £149 SIM-free. An extra £50 is not too much to ask, but it does push the new version above some key rivals like the EE Kestrel and Alcatel One Touch Idol S.

Both of those phones are 4G, but the EE Kestrel costs £99.99, the Alcatel phone around £129.99 if you shop around. The Motorola Moto G is no longer the cheapest candidate in town.

However, it is also possible that the 4G Moto G's price will come down a bit when locked to a specific network.

Moto G 4G vs G – Storage


Motorola has addressed one of the most common criticisms of the Moto G in the new 4G version. It has a microSD memory card slot, something missing from the original.

You'll find the memory card slot under the phone's plastic battery cover. It works just like the cover in the first Moto G – you simply pull it off.

The 4G Moto G only comes in one version – 8GB. The logic is simple: if you can add to the memory more cheaply with a memory card, you’re unlikely to want to pay the extra for 16GB of internal memory.

Motorola says the original versions of the Moto G will continue to be sold, meaning the full line-up will be comprised of the 8GB 3G Moto G, the 16GB 3G Moto G and the 8GB 4G Moto G.

Moto G 4G vs G – Is 4G worthwhile?


For some of you, adding a memory card slot may actually be more important than the new kind of connectivity – 4G. But for Motorola, 4G mobile internet this is the main event. Is it worthwhile?

We're now a couple of years into the UK roll-out of 4G, and SIM-free contracts are starting to come down in price.

From O2 you can get 1GB of data, 75 minutes and 500 texts for £15 a month. Tesco’s 4G tariffs start at £10 a month, although that only gets you 500MB of data. It does offer a cracking deal for £15 a month, though, which includes 2GB data, 1500 minutes and 5000 texts with a 12-month contract. This is one of the best SIM-only deals around at present.

There’s no longer an extra premium for 4G from most networks, but those thinking they can stream video super-quick thanks to their super-fast mobile internet will hit the allowance wall very quickly.

Speed is not the only reason to like 4G, though. Having 4G will also significantly increase coverage for some people, as some 3G blackspots are already covered by 4G zones. It’s a benefit many people don't consider.


Is the Moto G 4G edition the original but better? Yep, pretty much. 4G brings the phone much-needed future-proofing, and having a microSD slot massively increases the phone’s flexibility as a portable media player. If networks chip away at the £149.99 price a bit, we’re looking a potential bargain of the year. Again.

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John Rigby

May 15, 2014, 1:54 pm

I've got a 3G Moto-G and I've just switched to Lycamobile which offers 4G unlimited data,texts and 500 mins for £12 a month PAYG in the UK. The phone is absolutely brilliant for the money. Going to buy wifey a 4G Moto-G as soon as they are available. Much better phone than her Ascend Y300 and she can stick her SDcard in it, bonus...

Mads O Olesen

June 5, 2014, 11:00 am

I'm surprised the contract prices haven't come down in the UK since I lived there a few years ago. I'm in Denmark now and for £12 a month I get 15 hours of talk (900 mins), 10GB of data, unlimited texts. 4g is an added £2 per month. If I want unlimited talk with that it adds £4 per month... That said I'm buying my phones from England and Moto G 4g is next...

Laurence Harvey

June 16, 2014, 11:16 pm

Been using the Moto G for about 6 months now and it is simply the best value for money phone out there 100% .The moto g is a phone that is waterproof ( ish ) better screen than an iphone 5s ( higher rez and 4.5" ) , very loud speaker ( front and rear ) , 1-3 days battery life , an ok 5 meg camera with flash , runs pure android ( and will receive updates sooner than any other phone there is ) the moto g is buttery smooth and fast with no lag EVER ! , notification L.E.D. and all this fits in your pocket easily .Thank you.


July 8, 2014, 2:51 pm

Err Tesco the best deal?! I think not,

Three's 'One Plan' with 30 day rolling contract has:

All-you-can-eat data (Including Tethering)

2,000 minutes

5,000 Three-to-Three minutes.

5,000 texts

and its £23 a month.



July 9, 2014, 9:02 am

SD Card Problems

I bought this phone from Tesco in the UK a week ago and in many ways it is very impressive. It is smooth, responsive, the screen is very good and ALMOST everything works as it should. However, potential buyers need to be aware that it has been launched with a problem regarding the SD card slot (a major feature of the new model). My first card (a SanDisk 32 GB class 10) would not work in the phone, despite being fine in other devices. On researching the issue I came across this thread on Motorola's Community Forum: https://forums.motorola.com... It appears this is a very common problem for users - particularly, but not exclusively, for those trying to use high speed SD cards. Some slower speed cards seem to work for some users. Motorola has admitted there is a fault and said there will be a software fix, but are presently being a bit vague about how and when it will be fixed. For me switching to a Samsung 32GB Pro MICRO SD MEMORY CARD CLASS 10 UHS-I did the trick. It works fine for me so far. However, if you are considering buying now, be aware that you may need to either fiddle around with SD cards till you find one that works, or wait for a fix to come from Motorola. You can read about if for yourself on the above forum and make up your own mind.

Incidentally I tried to paste a review of the phone on Tecso's website which said exactly the same as above and they have so far blocked it without explanation. However, I think their customers and people generally have the right to know and decide for themselves.


August 11, 2014, 1:13 pm

Horses for courses. The article also says 'one of the best deals' not 'the best'. £23 is no small amount when you consider you don't even get a phone for that. Most people simply don't need that many minutes so it'd be a pretty rubbish deal for the majority.

Surprised there was no mention of Giffgaff since their packages are quite well-rounded. £12 for 250 mins, unlimited texts, unlimited Internet (no tethering) + free to giffgaff. Or £10 with 500 mins and 1GB data. I'll be going to the latter when my existing contract is up on my Nexus 5.


November 29, 2014, 8:05 pm

Tesco, getting quite a rep. for bad vibes on the PR front ! - i got mine from Argos..nice phone tho.

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