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Mario Kart Wii & Killzone 2

Mario Kart Wii (Wii)

Why get excited?

Look, it's Mario Kart on the Wii - why not get excited? Supposedly bundled with a steering wheel housing for the remote, Mario Kart Wii rejects many of the ‘enhancements' made on the Gamecube's Double Dash, and goes back to basics. Expect a great roster of drivers, some updated classic circuits and a clutch of great new originals, plus online play for the first time on a console Mario Kart. Up to 12 players should be able to compete over Nintendo's Wi-Fi service. Despite the usual ‘kiddie' taunts, the DS Mario Kart was a fiendish time sink once you got online. This could be even more disruptive.

Curb your enthusiasm?

Can Nintendo bring much new to the series? Will the new Wii controls measure up? Nobody outside Nintendo knows for sure.

ETA: Spring


Killzone 2 (PS3)

Why get excited?

It's the first-party game that Sony has continually turned to to showcase the power of PS3, and it looks like a formidable futuristic FPS. The damnable Helghast are back, orange goggles a-glowing, and the game Sony is pushing as a Halo beater looks set to push levels of visual realism further than any game bar Crysis. The look is considerably grittier, but those who have seen the game move seamlessly from dazzling cinematic cut-scene to in-game action have all been massively impressed. Combine advanced dynamic lighting with staggeringly detailed character models and a new real-time hit animation system, and even the most clichéd urban Sci-Fi environments come alive. Sony needs an exclusive to match Halo 3 and Gears of War. Killzone 2 could be it.

Curb your enthusiasm?

Remember the hype around Killzone? The previews said Halo killer, the reviews said tiresome wannabe. Killzone 2 has to do more than just look good - it has to play superbly. As of yet, the development team at Guerilla hasn't proved it can pull that off.

ETA: Early 2008

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