Fring is about more than just VoIP calls. You can use it to make voice calls, but you can also use your Skype, GoogleTalk and MSN Messenger accounts to engage in IM over your WLAN. It integrates these services with each other and with your GSM based contacts stored in your phone, effectively acting as a one stop shop for all your chat and voice services regardless of whether you want to use Wi-Fi or GSM and whether you want to talk or IM.

To get Fring’s software you have to start the process at its website, filling in some basic details – your handset, country, mobile number and email address.

You are then sent an SMS with a link to make the actual software download. If you are in any doubt at all about this process and what to expect from it, there is a walkthrough of all the required steps at the Fring website. Depending on your handset what you see won’t match precisely (I found several differences), but it should be enough to ensure those not experienced in downloading and installing software to their handsets have confidence in what they are doing.

My Nokia E65 reported that I was trying to install incompatible software, but it worked fine for me when installed.


This is what I see on the Nokia E65.


And this is taken from the Fring walkthrough.


During the process you select a Fring nickname and identify other VoIP services you might like to use choosing any combination of Skype, GoogleTalk, MSN or SIP. I chose my Skype account, gave the software my login, and, after a short wait while it used my wireless connection to go onto the Internet, it gave me my Skype contacts list ready to chat with or phone. If I were registered for it, I would be able to make Skype Out calls too.


October 31, 2012, 4:45 pm

We have tried out Fring and also integrated into Ozeki Phone System XE, our pbx to see how it works and I have to say, its not bad.
If you are thinking about similar solutions, I advise you to take a look at this page:

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