Truphone currently exists only for Symbian S60 handsets, and a very select bunch of these. The three latest Nokia E series phones, the E61i, E90 and E65 are supported, as are the E60, E61, E70 and N80ie. Watch this page on the Truphone website to find out about other handsets as they come on stream. Some other Nokia N series handsets and Windows Mobile are also being worked on, apparently.

When I set my Truphone account up I was given £5 credit. Activating an email address gave me the chance to buy more credit. But what is this for if VoIP is free? Well, the full detail on cost structure is here but basically you can only call other Truphone users and SIP based VoIP users for free, and only then if both you and they are in Wi-Fi coverage. Other call costs vary. Until the end of March this year Truphone is offering calls to UK landlines for free. Check the charges Web page above for the charging regime if you are reading this article after the end of March 2007.

Calls to UK mobiles cost 15p a minute at any time, calls to international mobiles vary (eg Australia 12.5p per minute), as do calls to landlines around the world, for example calls to Poland and New Zealand cost 2.3p per minute. Full tariff tables can also be downloaded from the Truphone website.


October 31, 2012, 4:45 pm

We have tried out Fring and also integrated into Ozeki Phone System XE, our pbx to see how it works and I have to say, its not bad.
If you are thinking about similar solutions, I advise you to take a look at this page:

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