FrogPad iFrog

The FrogPad is a completely different kettle of fish, or is that frog? The slogan of the FrogPad is “Do you Frog?” which sounds strange to say the least. This has to be the only keyboard in the world that is available in a right and left handed version. The reason for this is because you use it with only one hand. I’m not sure if this is the way forward but the creators of the FrogPad seem to think so.

The iFrog is the latest version of the FrogPad and it connects wirelessly via Bluetooth to any enabled device. Only Windows drivers are supplied with the FrogPad but you can find a list of supported operating systems on the FrogPad website. It is supplied with a zip-link USB cable, but this is only for charging the internal battery. I couldn’t find any mention of how long this is meant to last, but you should at least get a couple of hours of usage out of it. The physical dimensions of the FrogPad are 127 x 89 x 10mm, slightly smaller than the Freedom Keyboard. You also get a protective plastic cover that fits to both the top and the bottom of the FrogPad.

So, how does it work? Well, the layout is rather unusual and the concept behind the FrogPad is that only 15 keys on a keyboard are used 86 per cent of the time when you’re typing – at least that’s the result of research commissioned by the company. I find this hard to believe but I could be wrong. Anyhow, based on this assumption, the FrogPad is using these 15 letters as its primary layout as you can see from the pictures. To get to the other letters or functions of the keyboard you have to press more than one key at once. So for example, if you want to type a Q you have to press the spacebar and the O button at the same time.

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