Freedom Keyboard

A CD with a wide range of drivers is supplied with the keyboard, although newer ones can be downloaded from Freedom Keyboards website and you can also find a full list of compatible devices there. Most Pocket PC, Palm and certain Symbian devices are compatible and there’s also a driver for Blackberry devices. However, the Blackberry driver is not free of charge, but this version is specifically for Blackberry devices - it comes with a serial number and a link to a website were you can download the specific driver for your Blackberry device. A carrying pouch is also part of the package, but I’d give it a miss as it means that it takes up even more space in your pocket.

Connecting the keyboard to your PDA or phone couldn’t be much easier, install the drivers, enable Bluetooth, switch on the keyboard, search for a new Bluetooth device and connect the two together. Once this is done you have to load the keyboard drivers to make the keyboard work with pretty much any application. There are also pre-programmed key functions that pertain to the type of device you’re using.

Overall this is a pretty decent keyboard, although the font used on the keys looks very dated and the manual is pretty basic. At £68.95 the Freedom Keyboard is keenly priced compared to its competitors and it offers more functionality than most other foldable keyboards. This is especially true if you’re using a non Windows based device.


The Freedom Keyboard Bluetooth device does works pretty well as long as you can type on the fairly small keys. With an attractive price point and good driver support it’s hard to go wrong with this one.

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