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Freedom Keyboard


Mobile Bluetooth Keyboard Head 2 Head

Since most mobile devices are now Bluetooth enabled, the idea of a Bluetooth keyboard makes perfect sense. Today we’re looking at two different types of keyboard, one more traditional than the other. First up is the Freedom keyboard, which looks very much like any other foldable keyboard.

It’s fairly pocket friendly with a folded size of 150 x 96 x 26mm although this is still much bigger than even a full size PDA. Opening up the keyboard reveals a full set of QWERTY keys - much like a shrunken laptop keyboard – with a total of 63 keys. As long as you don’t have very large fingers it shouldn’t be any problems typing on it. The left half of the keyboard can be slid towards the right half to produce a standard keyboard layout. However, the space bar is made up out of two separate halfs which might be annoying to some.

A few extra keys have also been snuck in, such as a home/menu key – depending on the device you use the keyboard with – as well as an Fn key and strange key with two circles on it, that appears to do nothing. I’m happy to report that the Ctrl key is were it is meant to be, so there shouldn’t be any major confusions using this keyboard. The Enter key could however do with being slightly larger than it is and the same goes for Backspace, but at least none of the keys are half size.

There is a lock that prevents the keyboard from accidentally closing, although it still flexes quite a lot on your lap. Hidden on the right hand side of the keyboard is a PDA stand which locks in to the left hand side. However, the angle of the stand means that your PDA will be laying halfway on its back when put in place. The keyboard is powered by two AAA batteries which reside in a compartment on the left hand side of the chassis, with the manufacturer quoting a battery life of up to 90 hours on a set of alkaline cells.

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