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Genius TwinTouch 19eNB

The fourth and final keyboard on test is from an old hand when it comes to keyboards, namely Genius. A well known brand in the budget end of the market, Genius has always made “OK” products but I have yet to find one that really impresses me. That said, Genius did quite well in our cordless keyboard and mouse roundup a couple of years ago.

The TwinTouch 19eNB is a combination of a wireless keyboard and mouse along with a USB receiver/charger. Size wise both the keyboard and the mouse are smaller than a normal desktop set, which may or may not be a problem for you. I found the mouse to be on the small side, but if you have small hands it should be just fine (I’ve got small hands and it wasn’t fine – ed.).

The mouse uses an 800dpi optical sensor and has two buttons and a scroll wheel. Both the mouse and keyboard are powered by a pair of AAA batteries and three sets are supplied in the box. The third pair slips into a small box that’s attached via two magnets to the USB receiver and then acts as the battery charger – clever idea. This means that you’ll always have a set of fully charged batteries ready to go when the ones in the keyboard or mouse run out of juice – assuming that both the keyboard and mouse don’t run out at the same time of course.

So far so good, but we haven’t got to the main part as yet, the keyboard. This is smaller and thinner than a normal keyboard, but Genius has still managed to squeeze in a numerical keypad. However, this has been done in such a way that the main keyboard has suffered. Besides the fact that the keys are quite rattly to type on, several keys are half the size they should be, which makes typing at speed quite difficult.

Butchering the full stop key is just madness and along with it several other keys have been chopped off, which makes it very hard to touch type on this keyboard. I would gladly have sacrificed the numerical keypad in favour of decent sized keys where you need them. Oddly enough the Caps Lock and left Shift key are quite a lot bigger than they need to be. Somehow the Home key has also been moved to the left hand side of the keyboard, between the Ctrl and Windows buttons.

The top of the keyboard is home to 19 quick launch and media playback buttons, which can be handy but once again I would swap these for a better main keyboard layout. Overall the Genius TwinTouch 19eNB is disappointing, but at least it’s affordable at £24.98.


The Genius TwinTouch 19eNB is an affordable cordless combo package, but there have been too many compromises made with the keyboard.

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