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KeySonic Illuminated Keyboard (ACK-500HL)

The third and final keyboard from KeySonic differs from the other two by not having an aluminium inlay; instead it’s finished in black shiny plastic. They keys are finished in dark grey see through plastic, to make the backlight more efficient.

However, this model doesn’t have as bright a backlight as the Illuminated Aluminium one and the light is between the keys rather than behind them. This makes it quite hard to actually see anything other than the outline of the keys in the dark. If you’re a touch typist this is unlikely to be a problem, but for anyone that needs to have a look at the keys when they’re typing or playing a game, then this isn’t good enough.

Size wise the Illuminated keyboard is about the size of a normal keyboard, but only about half as thick. Again the main keys are full size, but quite widely spaced. This makes it slightly harder to touch type on compared to a normal keyboard, but it’s not really a huge issue. The top row of keys is once again slightly smaller, but as this row consists mainly of the function keys it’s not going to be too much of an issue.

A numerical keypad is also present and this time around all the keys are where you expect them to be, hence the increased size of the keyboard. Above the numerical keypad is a row of four buttons which consists of a volume up and down key, a mute key and a button that switches the backlight on and off.

The Illuminated Keyboard connects to your PC via USB just like the other two models, but it has a longer cable at two metres. A final and quite useful feature is that it has two integrated USB ports, one on each side of the keyboard. This allows you to connect your USB mouse directly to the keyboard or anything else USB for that matter. The only downside here is that these ports are only USB 1.1 rather than USB 2.0.

Out of the KeySonic keyboards this is my favourite, but it is also the biggest and most expensive at £32.84. You’re not saving a lot of space over a conventional model, but it is better to type on than the other keyboards on test and has a normal layout.


It’s not the cheapest keyboard on test, but it is the best one to type on and the USB hub is a handy feature, it’s just a shame it’s not USB 2.0.

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