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KeySonic Illuminated Aluminium Keyboard (ACK-720EL)

If, like Benny, you enjoy playing games in the dark then the Illuminated Aluminium Keyboard from KeySonic might be for you. This is not nearly as cool as the gaming keyboards from Saitek, but it is priced slightly lower and has an aluminium fascia.

Again this keyboard has about one and a half metres of cable that connects to your PC via USB. Blue LEDs are also present, but this time they’re located over the numerical keypad like on a normal keyboard. The keys are also larger than on the Mini apart from the top row which is slightly smaller than on a normal keyboard.

The Enter and Backspace keys are both of reduced size, but not quite as small as on the Mini. Once again the Home, Page Up/Down and End keys are an integral part of the main keyboard rather than having their own space. The Insert and Delete keys along with the arrow keys have also been moved into the main part of the keyboard – the latter will make cursor manipulation more difficult.

Having a numerical keypad makes a lot of sense to me, as it is actually used in quite a lot of games these days. Typing on the keyboard is pretty much like typing on a laptop, but I prefer the spacebar on the Mini as it is raised slightly, making it easier to hit than this one.

The blue backlight can be switched on or off via a dedicated button on the keyboard. This makes it easier to use the keyboard in the dark and you can make out the characters on all of the keys. However, our review samples emitted a slight squealing noise when the light was on, but this seems to be a one off as I’ve seen another sample that didn’t have this problem – maybe it was just squealing in pain while I bashed the keys?

At £25.84 this keyboard is slightly cheaper than the Saitek, but it’s definitely not as good to type on. Still, it looks flash and does the job and as long as you’re happy with a laptop style keyboard it’s worth a look.


If aluminium finishing and blue backlit keys are your thing, then this is the one to get - as long as you can live with the laptop style keys.

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