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KeySonic Metal Mini Keyboard (ACK-620WK)

Starting with the smallest of the four on test we have the KeySonic Metal Mini Keyboard, which is just what the name suggests. This is also the most basic of the keyboards on test, as it doesn’t have a numeric keypad. Sadly, the metal aspect of the name only extends to the aluminium surround on the top of the keyboard, while the keys are made from silver plastic.

The keyboard connects to your PC via USB and there’s about a meter and a half of cable to play with. Just above the key area is a set of blue LEDs that correspond to the caps lock, num lock and scroll lock lights. Below the lights is a set of buttons that allow for quick access to your web browser, email client and My Computer. There are also standby and power buttons, as long as you have these options enabled in the BIOS.

Typing on the Metal Mini Keyboard is much like typing on a laptop, although the increased height of the spacebar makes it easier to use. The small Enter and Backspace keys could be a problem if you’re used to full-size keys though – this is more akin to a US keyboard than a UK one. The top row of keys alongside with the ones on each side of the Spacebar are smaller than the rest, again making them harder to hit when needed.

The right side of the keyboard is home to the Home, Page Up/Down and End keys, something of an unusual design which I’d happily give up in favour of full-size Enter and Backspace keys. The angle can also be adjusted with the help of two extendable legs.

At £24.50 you could do worse for what in essence is a functional – if cramped – keyboard that is easy to carry along with you to say a LAN Party. Although personally I’d get something a little bit bigger - the Metal Mini may be small, but it’s not perfectly formed.


The KeySonic Metal Mini Keyboard is definitely useable, but it’s not great for longer periods of typing. With a bit more thought put into the key sizing and positioning this could be a much better option.

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