Office Live Applications

As well as all the website design tools and the online storage, Office Live offers several extra online applets which can help organise business. Chief among these is the contact manager, which goes a lot further than a simple name and address list. As well as contact details, it provides space to write up your competitor's products and remind yourself of the kind of ‘threat' they pose.

Name and address lists can be uploaded from Outlook or Outlook Express into the Office Live contact manager and can then be expanded upon with the new information, which you can view from any mobile browser which can access the Office Live site.

The remaining tools consist of a range of managers and trackers designed to link in with a workspace and website. The Time Manager, for example, is a well-organised, calendar-based tool with To Do list, resource management and standard UK holidays built-in. It can be used to schedule meetings and other events for a complete group, all of whom can use the same, shared tool, in much the same way you might use workgroup tools on a local network.

Another of the applets enables the creation of a personal or group blog, which can be a good way of sharing ideas or providing a space for simple discussion. The expense report includes a default, morale-boosting £75 on cake and ice cream, which is some indication of Microsoft's mindset, though the fact that the expense isn't incurred until 17 October means it has little idea of the British climate.

There's a pretty comprehensive set of management tools for most small businesses included in the application set in Office Live Small Business. The one set of applications not so far included are web versions of Word, Excel and PowerPoint themselves. Even this is in hand, though.


Our final video demonstrates how to activate, install and use the online applications found in Office Live


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