Website Analysis

Designing a site is really only half the work; the rest is getting people to visit it. Office Live Small Business helps here, too, by offering tips on how to make a site more attractive and tools to analyse how it's being used and where your visitors are coming from.

Tips include using themes, styles, colours and fonts, which suggest words like ‘grandmother', ‘eggs' and ‘suck', but the analysis tools are more interesting. Microsoft has incorporated a number of tracking tools into its site designer, so you can produce several useful reports, which show where your traffic's coming from.

The visitors report looks at the previous week of a site's life and can distinguish the number of visits, the number of new visitors and the number of unique visitors. Site usage looks at the number of visitors, but breaks that down into the number of separate pages they view, too, while referring sources looks at where your visitors came from, so you can see whether search engines are more useful to you than links from other sites.

The System statistics report can also tell you the type of browser used by your visitors, the screen resolutions they use and the operating system's they're running, all of which is useful if you want to tailor your site to look good on the widest range of browsing platforms. Check out the video which shows how several of these analysis tools work.

You don't have to use the website design tools provided with Office Live to create and maintain your website. You can use the hosting services for a website designed with other tools and simply upload the HTML produced to the Office Live host. Microsoft provides the necessary HTML code to embed into your pages, so you can still use the tracking functions to analyse traffic.


Office Live also has tools to help you increase visits to your site - this video shows you how to use them



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