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Corsair TWINX XMS4400 – v1.1 (DDR500 – 250MHz) CL3.0

Pence per Megabyte - 28.57

Torture Test at 200MHz – Passed

Torture Test Overclocked - Passed

For the performance category Corsair sent in some of its flagship TWIN XMS series modules. The TWINX branding denotes that the modules have been selected and tested specifically for compatibility when used in dual channel memory based motherboards. The modules are rated by Corsair to run at 275MHz at 2.7v 3-4-4 and carry a lifetime warranty. The memory chips used couldn’t be identified due to the pre-fitted heat-spreaders.

The supplied modules came fitted with matt finish silver “Platinum” heat spreaders with two thin spring-type retaining clips per module. These modules are also available with black heat spreaders fitted that don’t feature the “PT” suffix at the end of the part number.

First Impressions

The modules came with Corsair’s familiar matt silver “Platinum” aluminium heat spreaders, each with a light-duty spring clip fitted for added security. Of all the heat spreaders featured in the roundup we happen to find Corsair’s the least attractive, but that’s a subjective view and one you may disagree with.

Testing – 200MHz

Rank When Tested on a Prescott CPU at 200MHz: 15th from 18

Rank When Tested on a Northwood CPU at 200MHz: 16th from 18

Whatever Corsair has tweaked and twiddled to get such high Overclocking potential has clearly not done anything to boost its performance at lower frequencies, which in all honesty was pretty atrocious when you consider the cost. We fully appreciate that you’re paying for the headroom but at this price we think at least reasonable performance at 200MHz is a fair request.

Testing – Overclocking

Maximum Frequency - Overclocked using SPD settings: 275MHz

Maximum Frequency - Overclocked using manual settings (CL-4-4-8) low ambient of 18c: 275MHz

Maximum Frequency - Overclocked using manual settings (CL-4-4-8) high ambient of 28c: 270MHz

Rank - overclocked performance (high ambient): Joint 2nd from 18

The rated 275MHz was reached at the first attempt but only at 18c. As soon as the heat was turned up we found it impossible to push this memory beyond 270MHz no matter what we tried. Despite this it still had to bow to the superior TwinMOS modules, which were only rated PC4000 to begin with.


Overall Rank, all performance parameters included: 12th from 18

A placing of 12th from 18 is actually very respectable for a product so obviously created with the sole purpose of running at incredibly high frequencies. People who buy XMS4400, or indeed any memory rated to PC4000 or above, tend not to do so in order to run it at 200MHz, and maybe those who were planning on doing that can now see why that’s not such a wise approach.

This is undoubtedly very fast memory if you run a system capable of pushing it far enough but on the whole it just gives up too base performance in order to reach those lofty speeds. It led the way when it was introduced but it now looks a little jaded by comparison.

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