The Winners

Value Editor’s Choice – TwinMOS PC4000 CL2.5

Concerns over availability make us a little nervous about handing the value crown to TwinMOS, but we can’t argue with the numbers and this is quite simply the fastest memory for the money that we had the pleasure of testing. We only hope the poor availability isn’t due to production constraints and look forward to seeing more retailers pick up on what appears to be a very nice product.

Value Recommended - Buffalo PC3200 CL3

We may have had little experience with Buffalo before this roundup but both of the Buffalo modules we were sent acquitted themselves well in testing. For the most part, performance levels in the value group contenders were quite evenly matched but Buffalo did enough to scrape onto our leader board. A very impressive all-round showing earns Buffalo a well-deserved Recommended award.

High-End Editor’s Choice - Corsair TwinX1024-3200XL Pro

Perhaps the toughest choice of all, we eventually opted for Corsair’s 3200XL Pro for its shear arrogance. While far from cheap, it consistently set the standards for stock performance while flashing a knowing LED at the competition as it did so. For a change we see a product with a bite every bit as bad as its bark.

High-End Recommended - OCZ PC3200 Platinum Dual Channel

OCZ’s PC3200 Platinum Dual Channel memory gets the nod for our high-end Recommended award, though had the price been keener it could just as easily have been the OCZ “Enhanced Bandwidth” PC3700 taking the spotlight here instead. We arbitrarily set the cut-off price for the value sector memory at 20p per Megabyte, and at just 22.93p the OCZ PC3200 was among the cheapest of the high-end front-runners.

We think it would be wrong not to also mention GeIL, a company that seems to be setting new standards in price/performance and also Kingston that gave a strong performance but not quite enough to squeeze in into the winners‘ circle.

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