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TwinMOS TwiSTER PC3200 (DDR400 – 200MHz) CL2.0

Pence per Megabyte - 15.6

Torture Test at 200MHz – Passed

Torture Test Overclocked - Passed

These modules look identical to their PC4000 brethren with only the packaging and sticker applied to the heat spreaders identifying them as PC3200 CL2.0. The modules carry a lifetime warranty though TwinMOS once again states that “Any product that has reached the end of its product lifetime (End-of-Life) or is discontinued shall not be covered this warranty”.

The memory chips used couldn’t be identified due to the pre-fitted heat-spreaders.

These modules come equipped with attractive gold coloured aluminium heat spreaders secured with thermal tape and two retaining clips per module.

First Impressions

Cosmetically these modules share their big brothers’ penchant for handsome looks with their gold/polished copper style heat spreaders. As you’d expect they look and feel just as impressive as the PC4000 modules do.

Each module came in its own, individual, two-part semi-rigid blister pack.

Testing – 200MHz

Rank When Tested on a Prescott CPU at 200MHz: 10th from 18

Rank When Tested on a Northwood CPU at 200MHz: 5th from 18

Testing – Overclocking

Maximum Frequency - Overclocked using SPD settings: 225MHz

Maximum Frequency - Overclocked using manual settings (CL-4-4-8) low ambient of 18c: 260MHz

Maximum Frequency - Overclocked using manual settings (CL-4-4-8) high ambient of 28c: 260MHz

Rank - overclocked performance (high ambient): 9th from 18

Because none of the CL2.0 modules on test overclocked very far, if at all, using their native CL2.0 setting, we overclocked them all at both CL2.0 and CL2.5 and reported the highest score. The exception to this rule was Corsair’s TwinX1024-3200XL Pro modules but more on those later.

At CL2.0 these modules only managed to scramble to a 215MHz front side bus, however when I relaxed things a little and dropped back to CL2.5, they were able to climb to a much more respectable 260MHz. Voltage had to be increased to 2.9v in order to operate properly at this setting.


Overall Rank, all performance parameters included: 7th from 18

Good-looking memory with middle-of-the-pack performance means once again we must inspect the price tag in order to formulate an accurate picture. Aden Media quoted us just £80 for a 512MB module and assured us that it could supply at this price. This works out at a mere 15.6p per Megabyte and while they’re less of an all round package than the PC4000 memory, the price is good enough to make these module and incredibly tempting buy.

Heat spreaders may not be the must-have feature that some claim, but any company that cares enough to fit them and yet still retail at under 20p per Megabyte deserves some serious consideration, the results we’ve seen from these modules make them a definite contender for your money.

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