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Kingston Value KV3200 (DDR400 – 200MHz) CL3.0

Pence per Megabyte - 13.69

Torture Test at 200MHz – Passed

Torture Test Overclocked - Passed

For the value segment of our testing, Kingston supplied its “Value” series KV3200 modules which are rated to run at 200MHz at 2.6v 3-3-3. The modules carry a lifetime warranty.

Like the Apacer PC3200 modules, these modules are based on Mosel Vitelic V58C2256 chips but these are the slightly slower “-5” chips which run CL3 rather than CL2.5 rating given to the “-5B” chips.

No heat spreaders were employed on these modules.

First Impressions

Like all the value memory there was nothing to get excited about from the looks. Yes, a green PCB was complemented by a set of 16 wire bonded TSOP memory chips, so no surprises there. Just about the only feature worthy of a mention was one of those green-brown colour-changing authentication stickers.

Testing – 200MHz

Rank When Tested on a Prescott CPU at 200MHz: 4th from 18

Rank When Tested on a Northwood CPU at 200MHz: 11th from 18

If the CL2.5 Mosel Vitelic chip based Apacer module slightly favoured our Northwood setup, these CL3.0 Mosel Vitelic chips have reversed the trend and then some. A particularly healthy set of Prescott results is almost neutralized by a shoddy set of Northwood numbers. Overall though a competent performance from a budget module.

Testing – Overclocking

Maximum Frequency - Overclocked using SPD settings: 225MHz

Maximum Frequency - Overclocked using manual settings (CL-4-4-8) low ambient of 18c: 230MHz

Maximum Frequency - Overclocked using manual settings (CL-4-4-8) high ambient of 28c: 230MHz

Rank - overclocked performance (high ambient): 13th from 18

225MHz by SPD and 230MHz manually set to 3-4-4-8 isn’t going to set any speed records, as you can no doubt see from its 13th place finish. Increasing the voltage above 2.7v did nothing to improve this and at 2.9v this memory was definitely not happy.


Overall Rank, all performance parameters included: 10th from 18

If you’re running a Prescott based PC and Overclocking isn’t your thing, then you should take a long hard look at Kingston’s Value PC3200. Even if you’re running a Northwood the performance isn't terrible for such a cheap module. It’s certainly not as bad as the raw numbers seem to suggest.

Certainly at its best when run alongside the extra cache that Prescott offers it, you get a lot of performance for your money provided you’re happy at 200MHz or a little above.

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