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GeIL Value PC3200 (DDR400 – 200MHz) CL2.5

Pence per Megabyte - 12.62

Torture Test at 200MHz – Passed

Torture Test Overclocked – Passed at second attempt

Taiwan based GeIL, or if you prefer, Golden Emperor International Ltd, began manufacturing memory back in 1997 and now distributes throughout more than 50 countries worldwide. GeIL’s stature is certainly growing among the enthusiast sector at present.

The supplied modules are rated to run at 200MHz at 2.55v – 2.85v 2.5-3-3-6. The memory chips used couldn’t be identified due to the pre-fitted heat-spreaders. The modules carry a lifetime warranty.

The supplied modules came fitted with matt finish blue heat spreaders and two silver retaining clips per module.

First Impressions

These modules certainly look the business with their matt blue aluminium heat spreaders and raised “GeIL” logo placed centrally. They came packaged in a dense foam tray inside a silver cardboard box with two window cut-outs to view the goods within. The box gives no information about the type of modules inside.

Testing – 200MHz

Rank When Tested on a Prescott CPU at 200MHz: 12th from 18

Rank When Tested on a Northwood CPU at 200MHz: 16th from 18

I was a bit disappointed by these results considering I use this very same memory in my personal system, though they’re more ordinary than bad. At just 12.62p per Megabyte this is the cheapest heat spreader-equipped memory in our roundup if looks matter to you.

Testing – Overclocking

Maximum Frequency - Overclocked using SPD settings: 260MHz

Maximum Frequency - Overclocked using manual settings (CL-4-4-8) low ambient of 18c: 260MHz

Maximum Frequency - Overclocked using manual settings (CL-4-4-8) high ambient of 28c: 255MHz

Rank - overclocked performance (high ambient): 8th from 18

What the GeIL Value lacked in stock performance, it slightly made up for with its Overclocking. 260MHz under SPD and manual timings and 255MHz under high ambient temperatures is a good, solid showing that gave it a reasonable 8th place overall.


Overall Rank, all performance parameters included: 14th from 18

14th overall is a fairly poor result from memory that looks and overclocks as well as this does, although if the cosmetic aspect of the pre-fitted heat spreaders matters to you this helps balance up the numbers a little.

Scarily cheap at 12.62p per Megabyte and able to overclock all the way to 255MHz, you can almost forgive the less than spectacular stock performance.

This is not one for the power user, but the more astute buyer may just spot its real value. A lot of memory for very little money.

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