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Kingston SD Ultimate 2GB 120X

For a little less than the Lexar 133X card, the 120X Ultimate SD card from Kingston put in a good overall showing in the tests. If you take all of the write tests, average the speeds then rank them the Ultimate only comes second to the Lexar 133X SD card.

Like its Elite Pro cousin, it joins the leaders in the tests involving the multi-slot card readers and the mixed files/multiple folders data. However, it also comes second with a figure of 7.4MB/s when writing images in a single folder using the SanDisk reader (and joint third at 8.4MB/s for reading the same images). Still some way off the 18MB/s figure denoted by the 120X label (but we’re getting used to that by now).

As with most of the other SD cards, its true potential became more apparent when it was plugged into the Lexar SD reader. Respectively posting average read and write times of 15.7MB/s and 11.2MB/s, the Ultimate is certainly one of the best cards for shifting images around quickly. To get an idea of its speed relative to the 50X Elite Pro, it took an average 1min 6secs to read 1.01GB of images, whereas the Elite Pro took 2mins 46secs.

In the Canon EOS-1 D Mark II, it also came second (to the slightly nippier SanDisk Ultra II) with an average write speed of 7MB/s.


At only £17 or so more than its own Elite Pro SD card, Kingston’s SD Ultimate is recommended for its well-rounded performance. A lifetime warranty is also stated, as is free technical support.

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