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Kingston SD Elite Pro 2GB 50X

Kingston has submitted another card in the shape of its 2GB Elite Pro SD. This is one of the cheapest on test, and even though it sits among the more expensive and higher speed-rated cards in the multi-slot card reader tests, by comparison it’s not the quickest in the tests that really matter – those that involve transferring images from the card to the PC and the in-camera write time.

When reading images using the SanDisk reader (the faster of the two multi-slot readers) the Elite Pro is the second slowest card with a read speed of 8.3MB/s, although you can argue there’s not much in it as the fastest cards hit 9MB/s. You could also argue that the SanDisk reader is slowing things up because if you compare the read rates with those obtained in the dedicated Lexar SD reader, we see the Elite Pro’s read rate jump to 9.8MB/s, but other cards are hitting 15 to 17.5MB/s.

This suggests we’re nearing the Elite Pro’s limits and indeed, we have passed the 50X (7.5MB/s) rating stamped on the card, when we’re taking about read speeds. However, that 50X is its write speed too and unfortunately, the Elite Pro seems to hit a real world wall of around 5MB/s (33X). The same can be said of the in-camera test where an average write speed of 4.6MB/s was reached where other cards reached between 6.5 to 7.7MB/s.


When transferring images from the card, the 2GB Kinston SD Elite Pro 50X does exactly what it says on the tin – 50X and a little bit more, but other cards are faster. Write speeds aren’t as good, but then it only costs a little over £40. Still worth serious consideration, especially if you’re buying more than one. A lifetime warranty is also stated, as is free technical support.

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