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Apacer 150X Hi-Speed SD 2GB

First up for the SD cards is this offering from Apacer, but before we go on a quick word about its availability. At the time of writing, finding an online supplier and a price was difficult. After some nagging Apacer got back to us with a price of £34.99 ex VAT. We should also highlight that the price is from www.Intro2020.co.uk, importers and exporters of photographic related products, so strictly speaking they do not sell direct to consumers. So because the card remains scarce in the UK it might be worth monitoring the various online companies to see if it becomes more readily available or for that matter superseded.

Now onto performance. The Apacer is stamped with a read speed of 150X or 22.5MB/s, rather than the write speed like the Kingston cards or the Lexar Pro cards (where write is the same as read speed). The Apacer’s write speed is quoted as 15MB/s (100X), but as we already know neither rates are going to be achieved in the real world. In fact, in terms of read speeds it’s a close match between all of the cards when mixed files are transferred from the cards using the two multi-slot readers.

However, it all changed when we decided to use the SD reader that came bundled with the Lexar SD card. Just look at the graph for transferring 1.01GB of images. Immediately we can see that the top performers are beginning to show their true pedigree. In fact, the Apacer is the quickest at transferring the images to the PC hitting an average 17.5MB/s (approx 117X). Not quite 22.5MB/s (150) but not a million miles away. It even beats the Lexar SD card in its own branded SD reader, although the Lexar card is rated a little slower at 133X (20MB/s).

As for write speeds, the Apacer is a middle-of-the-road performer. It’s probably held back by the multi-slot readers in the mixed file/multiple folder write tests (as were most of the cards), but it was second from the bottom with write speeds averaging 0.85MB/s. However when writing images to the card this jumped up to 6.2MB/s and 7.6MB/s with SanDisk reader and Lexar SD reader, respectively.

The same can be said about the Canon EOS-1D Mark II write test where it sat in the middle of the bunch with a rate of 6.5MB/s.


With mid-range write performance and what seems to be limited availability at the time of writing, the Apacer 150X only really stands out when used in a single-slot SD reader to copy images to your PC. If that’s all you want and if you can find one, the quoted price is fair.

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