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Memory Card Roundup

Memory cards come in all sorts of formats and capacities but arguably, the most popular types are Secure Digital (SD) and Type I CompactFlash (CF). If you’ve recently bought a digital camera, one of these was probably bundled with your new toy. However, more often than not the capacity of that card is pretty low – 32MB for example – rendering it useless when it comes to storing a decent number of shots and/or movies.

This leaves the consumer with only one option – to purchase an additional memory card with a greater capacity, and preferably, one with high read and write performance. But how can one tell if one card is actually faster than another?

In order to help you make a choice we’ve gathered a selection of 2GB SD and 4GB CF cards from a number of popular manufacturers and subjected them to a series of tests. The cards tested here are shown below along with their identifying serials numbers/codes:

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