Urban Wildlife - Results

Our final avian runner-up is this pin-sharp extreme telephoto shot from another regular competition entrant and previous prize winner Clovis Miranda, from Brazil. This is clearly some type of pigeon, but much more colourful than our domestic variety.

Putting a cat among the pigeons is Eyal Darshan from Petah Tiqwa, Israel. Eyal was one of our prize winners in March. This photo was shot on a Canon PowerShot A620 compact, proving that you don't need the biggest, newest camera to take excellent photos.

Cats and pigeons may be common sights for most of us, but for our April prize winner Julianne Bockius of Delray Beach, Florida, Iguanas are the order of the day. Says Julianne: "Iguanas are my favorite urban "pest" here in Southern Florida. They are non-native inhabitants (released pets) that have adapted particularly well to our environment, and have multiplied to the point of becoming a problem for our native species. Some towns are considering eradication programs, because the Iguanas are eating bird eggs and ruining peoples gardens. I think they are wonderful photographic subjects, because of their beautiful skin patterns and colors. I like this photo because the "beast" has surrounded himself by the "beauty" of the pink bougainvillea blossoms. The camera was an Olympus C765UZ which I carry in my purse for just this sort of unexpected photo opportunity."


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