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Matrox DualHead2Go


Matrox DualHead2Go

I’ve been reviewing Matrox kit for more years than I care to remember and one thing’s for sure, this particular bunch of Canadian graphics gurus have never been short of a few good ideas. You see that’s what separates the doers from the watchers, the leaders from the followers and the winners from the losers. Despite dropping out of the mainstream graphics market some years ago, Matrox has continued to grow through innovation and it’s this continual innovation that has brought forth the DualHead2Go.

The DualHead2Go is such a simple concept that I can’t believe it hasn’t been done before – if you use a notebook as your main computer, you want one of these, it’s as simple as that. So what is the DualHead2Go? In essence it’s a video splitter, but in reality it’s so much more. But before getting carried away let me cover dual head technology in general first.

Dual head desktop graphics cards are now the norm, but when Matrox first introduced it, it was quite a novelty. The ability to be able to run dual screens from a single graphics card was a huge bonus for anyone that needed extensive desktop real estate on a budget. Anyone who’s got used to having the extensive desktop that dual monitors can provide will never want to go back.

Of course notebook users have always been able to connect to an external monitor and complement the internal display, but they’ve never been able to connect up to two external monitors – until now that is. The DualHead2Go is a very clever bit of kit that gives you access to masses of desktop real estate without having to pay the price for a super high resolution monitor. The DualHead2Go achieves this feat by convincing your notebook graphics chipset that it’s connected to a single massive external monitor, when in fact it’s connected to two external monitors with the image spanning both.

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