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Reflection - Results


March Digital Photography Competition Results

Our theme for March was "Reflection", and it attracted more entries than any previous round, and by quite a large margin. A few people emailed to ask if I meant "reflections", but I left the "s" off because I wanted to leave it deliberately vague, to see how people interpreted the word. As it turned out, most people interpreted it to mean the optical effect of reflection, although apparently some people don't know the difference between reflection, refraction and shadows. Nonetheless the standard of the entries was once again very high, and choosing from over a hundred high quality submissions was not an easy task.

In order to photograph reflections you need to find a reflective surface, and for this most people chose water. As usual there were a number of popular sub-themes which appeared numerous times, one of which was trees reflected in still water. The most original and striking take on this idea was this gorgeous duotone image from Cameron Crichton of Edinburgh, Scotland. The original shot was taken on a Nikon D40, but has been carefully cropped to improve the composition.

Another even more popular subject was mountains reflected in water, but by far the best of these was this shot from Sheila Creed of Burton-upon-Trent, UK. Unfortunately I don't know where this was taken, although it looks a lot like Iceland to me. Sheila took the photo using her Canon S3 IS.

Staying with reflections in bodies of water we have this shot from Julianne Bockius of Delray Beach, Florida, USA, using her Panasonic FZ30 compact camera. I like the simplicity of this shot, just a stunning cloudscape and its reflection in the lake, with a tiny strip of flat landscape in between.


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