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Logitech Revue with Google TV First Look


While out at CES we had a chance to talk to play with Logitech's Revue, which is a set-top product loaded with Google TV. We talked to Kevin Simon from Logitech about what the product offers, what Google TV in general brings to the party, and what makes the Revue different from other Google TV products.

GoogleTV is essentially an operating system for TVs that provides easy access to many of the so called Smart TV features we're seeing creep into the latest TVs. Browsing the web, making video calls and watching streaming video are among the features on offer.

The product itself looks rather nice and the controllers for it are definitely a cut above your average, though as Gordon discussed in his above-linked feature on Smart TV, we're still a bit unsure quite where this whole segment is heading and whether these products will seem obsolete in all too short an amount of time. One thing we can say is it makes much more sense to buy a separate product like the Revue and add it to the best (picture) quality TV you can find, rather than base your next TV purchase on what Smart features it has built in.

Sadly, one fairly major obstacle for our majority UK readership is that the Revue isn't yet available in the UK and we're still awaiting word on when it will arrive on our shores. US readers can purchase the Revue now for $299.99 direct from Logitech or from other retailers.


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