Logitech Pure-Fi Anywhere

Underneath, are two metal feet, which extend out towards the back giving it a sturdy base. There's also a line in auxiliary input for connecting any iPod or other audio device that won't fit into the cradle in the middle. Docks adaptors are provided for all iPods from fourth gen onwards. However, there's no video output available - it's an audio only affair.

The infra-red remote is also very well made. It's a usual candy stick affair and has all the controls you'll find on the dock itself. You can also change modes so you can choose to make the album art full screen on the iPod and even apply stars to a track. The Forward and Back and Volume up/Down buttons are raised around the Play/Pause buttons, which helps control it without you having to look down. Uniquely in this round-up the remote can be used to control the iPod too, which is potentially useful. However, if like me you've got a large iPod stuffed with music you'll soon find yourself getting impatient with the steady but slow scrolling speed - there is no acceleration, and you'll soon just walk over and select tracks yourself. With shorter playlists it's a good feature to have though.

Sound Quality

I was generally impressed by the sound from the Pure-Fi Anywhere set. The two speakers consist of a 5.1cm upper and mid-range driver and a 7.6cm bass driver and it gives a good account of itself across the audio spectrum. It's a quite full sound that has some detail at both upper, mid and low end. The bass isn't that tight though and can sound a little boomy and woolly especially as the volume levels are raised. Overall though, it's reasonably musical and with a lot of A and B comparisons you can hear the difference in price over the iRhythms.

The only feature absent from the Logitech's is some kind of video output. If it were there you might choose to load up a larger iPod with video and watch it on a hotel TV. However, aside from that its superior build and sound quality over the iRhythms means that even without it, if you can stretch to the full ton, then it's worth the extra.

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