PlayGear Amp

If you’re not happy with the built-in speakers on your PSP, you might be considering some kind of external speaker set. Once again Logitech is happy to help you out with the PlayGear Amp. This set of stereo speakers certainly looks the part and matches the PSP beautifully, but there’s more to a set of speakers than how they look.

Obviously sound quality is important here and I have to say that the PlayGear AMP produced a reasonably loud and balanced sound envelope. There’s no doubt that you’d be able to enjoy any music that you’ve got stored on your PSP, although I thought it made a good companion for a movie watching session.

Unfortunately there are a few issues with the PlayGear Amp. First up the speaker cones are not protected in any way, making them susceptible to damage – this is especially concerning for what is a portable product. Also, although the speakers have their own fold down stand, you need to clip on another plastic stand in order to seat the PSP.

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