PlayGear Stealth

If I have one major criticism it’s the length of the cable – at only one metre I found it a little short, even with my nano in my top trouser pocket; if I wanted to carry it in the side pocket of a pair of combats there’s no way that the Stealths would reach my ears. Of course Logitech expects you to partner the Stealths with the PlayGear Street, which will be sitting on your chest, making the one metre length more than ample. The obvious solution would be to have an extension cable in the box, but that would put the cost up.

One other little niggle is that after using the Stealths for a couple of weeks the sliver coating has started to come off. To be fair, I’ve thrown them into a number of bags without where they’ve just knocked about with various bits of kit, but Logitech should probably look at improving the silver finish.

At £12.99 the Stealths are pretty good value and I wouldn’t expect better sound quality at this kind of price point. The Stealths are a definite improvement on the bundled PSP headphones, but if you want to use the PSP remote control, you’ll have to be happy with a black to white cable transition.


The PlayGear Stealth headphones offer decent sound quality and are also amazingly comfortable to wear. If the cable was just a little longer and the finish a bit more hard wearing, the Stealths would be walking away with a Recommended award. As it is, they’re still a good set of headphones and represent a solid upgrade for your PSP or MP3 player.

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