PlayGear Stealth

As you’ve probably guessed I’m not a great fan of the PlayGear Street, but Logitech can take heart from the fact than I am a fan of the PlayGear Stealth headphones. These little in-ear beauties are finished in silver and black to complement the PSP, and make a very pleasant change from the ubiquitous white headphones that seem to have infected the world like a plague.

Unlike most in-ear headphones, these ones really do fit inside your ear. To facilitate this Logitech supplies three different pairs of gel pads, to accommodate for a multitude of different people and different ears. I found the middle size perfect for my ears, and I was able to wear the Stealths for hours on end without the slightest hint of ear ache – the same can’t be said for standard in ear headphones which usually start hurting after half an hour or so.

Sound is very good indeed – when you push the headphones right into your ear it really does shut out the outside world and the music just washes through your brain. There’s not a massive amount of bass on offer, so if that’s your thing you’re better off going for a large set of headphones and forgetting about in ear jobbies altogether.

Despite the fact that the silver and black styling is meant to complement the PSP, I found that it matched my black iPod nano quite nicely too – especially since Apple insists on shipping white headphones with black players!

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