PlayGear Street

However, all this versatile and tough packaging comes at a price – size. The PlayGear Street is pretty huge compared to most carry cases, and it’s not going to slip unobtrusively into your bag, but to be fair, it’s not really meant to. You see Logitech is marketing the PlayGear Street as a complete carry system, so you don’t need a bag to put it in. What I haven’t mentioned so far is that there are large plastic loops at either end of the case to which you can attach a strap – luckily Logitech has supplied just such an item in the box.

Once you’ve attached the strap to either end of the Street, you can then sling it over your shoulder and happily carry your PSP across your chest. In this configuration you can take full advantage of the headphone hole in the case and use your PSP as a Walkman. Logitech seems to think that this is “cool” and the website is keen to state that it’s perfect for pursuits such as biking or skateboarding! Personally I felt anything but cool with a large plastic case strapped across my torso, with Benny likening it to the ammo belt worn by Chewbacca.

But there’s more. Also in the box is a large single hook which clips to one of the loops on the Street and then, apparently, hooks onto the outside of your backpack. Now, forgive me for sounding negative, but I can’t help but think that the PlayGear Street is an open invitation to muggers – it’s like saying “Hey, I’ve got a really expensive bit of kit slung over my shoulder” to every passer by. Personally I would rather have my PSP hidden in my bag when I’m walking down the road, but then maybe I don’t fall into the hip and trendy demographic that the PlayGear Street is aimed at.

There is one final aspect of the Street that I can’t quite understand. The black polycarbonate case is large enough as it is, but Logitech has decided to stick a clear plastic cover over the top of the case, making it even larger! For the life of me I just can’t fathom why this clear cover has been stuck there, other than to increase the already generous dimensions.

With an online price of £17.99 the PlayGear Street isn’t going to break the bank, but you can buy a hard body PSP case for a lot less elsewhere. OK, so you won’t be able to wear it over your shoulder, but I’m not sure that that’s a bad thing.


The PlayGear Street will definitely keep your PSP safe from knocks and scratches, but wearing it across your chest isn’t exactly a low key transportation method. Logitech should be commended for trying something a little different, but unfortunately, for me at least, it just doesn’t work.

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