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PlayGear Street


Logitech PlayGear PSP Roundup

It was only a few weeks ago that the Sony PSP finally launched in the UK, and it hasn’t taken long for a whole host of accessories to hit the market. It’s no surprise to see Logitech quick off the mark in this area – the company has a reputation for creating high-quality third party accessories for pretty much every popular gadget out there. So to kick things off I’ve rounded up three very different Logitech PSP accessories.

First up is the Logitech PlayGear Street. This is a protective carry case for the PSP that has a few extra features thrown in for good measure. There’s no denying that the PlayGear Street is very well made and feels like it could survive a lot of abuse while still protecting your prized PSP.

The PSP sits very snugly inside the Street and there’s a hole cut out allowing you to route your headphones out. It’s a shame that there’s no cut out on the other side so you could charge the PSP with it still in the case, then I wouldn’t have to worry about my cats dragging my PSP off and attacking it while it’s charging. Flanking the PSP are four storage slots for MemoryStick Duo card – I’m not sure who would have five memory cards (including the one in the PSP), but I guess if you’ve got loads of money and want to carry lots of movies with you this feature might be useful.

Underneath the lid there is storage space for thee UMDs, so you can have up to four games with you at all times. The clasp holding the lid is very secure and no amount of tugging, knocking or bashing seemed to convince it to let go – this is very reassuring for anyone paranoid about damaging their PSP, which will be just about anyone who owns one.

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