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LG Optimus 3D Hands On

We all knew it would happen at some point and sure enough, LG has combined the two big trends of the moment; 3D and dual-core smartphones or 'superphones'. Called the LG Optimus 3D, it uses a glasses-free 3D screen so you can display compatible video and games in stereoscopic 3D wherever you are, without looking like too much of a plonker. To get even more 3D content for you and your mates to look at, it also incorporates a 3D camera on the back.

Hands on, the phone looks fairly unassuming, aside from the twin lenses for the camera. It's smart, stylish and feels well made with smatterings of brushed metal here and there. However, it is rather heavy and a tad thicker than rivals such as the Galaxy S II, though some may argue that phone is too thin in the first place.

Most of the usual buttons and connections are present and correct with headphone jack and power button up top, volume rocker on the right, microUSB and HDMI on the left, and four touch controls for the usual Android navigation buttons. However, where we might expect to find a shutter button for the camera, there is one marked 3D. This opens LG's custom 3D interface for navigating your 3D content.

All the buttons feel reasonably well seated and give a nice bit of feedback so you know when you've pressed them, while the touch controls on the front are nice and responsive.

The screen is an enormous 4.3in example that packs in 480 x 800 pixels. This adds to the phone's slightly bulky stance but again, it doesn't actually feel unwieldy, just a bit larger than some. The quality of the IPS LCD panel is also excellent with vivid colours, great viewing angles and pin sharpness - and, yes, it does have a non 3D mode. Above the screen there's conventional front facing camera for video calling.

Considering a lot of the focus of this phone will be on its 3D camera, the lack of that camera button is rather an annoyance but at least you've got an LED flash nestled between the two lenses.

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