Belkin PocketTop

Okay, so we lied. This might be a round-up of laptop bags, but the Belkin PocketTop isn't strictly a bag - more a sort of…pocket top. It's meant for the large number of people who don't want to take their machines out and about, but do want to move them around the house without a fuss.

It's really great, too. It's split into two sections. One zipped segment holds your laptop, there's enough space for machines up to 15.4 inches in size, while the top half is left open for holding an assortment of accessories, including your power adapter and other sundries like mice. The opening in the top half creates a handle and sensibly placed padding makes it easy and comfortable to carry it all around.

Things don't end there, though, as the notebook section has a small cable hole that feeds through to the top half. This means you can leave your laptop inside with the power adapter, mouse and other things connected, and then simply unplug to store your machine or move to elsewhere in the house.

In use it doubles up as a comfortable flat surface to work on. This makes your laptop easier to use wherever you are, be it desk, sofa or even floor and is particularly useful for working in bed. Two rubberised platforms keep your laptop raised slightly, allowing air to circulate underneath, while also keeping your machine securely held and your lap blissfully cool.

Overall it's an elegantly simple and brilliantly executed solution for storing and using your laptop at home. At around £25 it won't break the bank and there are many different colour designs available, so you should be able to find something you like.


If you're in need of a simple and cheap solution for storing and using your laptop around the house, the Belkin PocketTop is your answer.

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