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Crumpler Beefy Pocket

Like the Ugly Divorce, the Beefy Pocket is a leather-clad laptop bag. This time, however, it's far smaller and designed for 13.3in laptops. It is ideal for a MacBook or ultra-portable notebooks like the Sony TZ31MN or Asus U2E, though it's quite a snug fit for a Dell XPS M1330 so anything larger than that is out of the question. Being a leather bag it's comparably expensive but at least in this instance it sneaks under the £100 mark, being available for around £97 online.

Again, it's no bargain but then it's just as fetching and if anything the form factor is more attractive. Actually, we're not quite so taken by the red version; it's a little too striking for our tastes, but it is available in the same variety of flavours as the Ugly Divorce so there's plenty of choice.

It lacks a couple of features compared to the Ugly Divorce, it's too small for the 'Third Leg' and the beefy adjustment clasp has gone in favour of two more standard buckles. It's still very strong, however, while the shoulder pad is just as large and very flexible. Given that this will always be a lighter bag it's more than adequate and makes it very comfortable to carry even when heavily laden.

As with the Ugly Divorce, the main flap is secured using a combination of Velcro and a plastic clip; though, in this instance, there's only one clip as opposed to two. This again is fine and makes it far easier to get into the bag quickly.

Unsurprisingly inside it's a lot snugger. Laptops are stored vertically but with any 13.3in laptop the segment pulls all the material very tight, making it tough to get other items in or out of either the magazine section or net pockets on the front. Opposite the laptop segment are a further two Velcro secured pockets, both of which are surprisingly deep and capacious - more than big enough for a bottle of water if you dare risk it.

Though this storage space is adequate given the size one can't help but think an extra segment, either at the front or back, would add a lot to the Beefy Pocket. Crumpler doesn't appear to have done much to maximise the space on offer and the bag is quickly filled with general odd and sods, leaving space for medium size items very limited.


It's great for travelling light and is very stylish, but the Beefy Pocket could afford to be a little more innovative and for the price it doesn't do as much as it's larger cousin.


Many thanks to distributor Simms International for providing our review sample.

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