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Crumpler Ugly Divorce


Laptop Bag Round-Up July 2008

No round-up of laptop bags would be complete without some offerings from Crumpler. Pre-eminent in the production of stylish and often rather expensive laptop and camera bags, it has a bag to suit every need and price point. Designed to house 15.4in laptops, the Ugly Divorce very much sits at the more expensive end of this spectrum. How expensive? Just under £120 - yes you did read that correctly.

This is largely because it's made almost entirely out of leather and real leather at that, none of that cheap fake stuff. As a result the Ugly Divorce looks and feels every bit as expensive as it actually is. We've got the brown and orange version with us here and it looks very nice, though we rather like the look of the dark grey and black version even more.

As with all Crumpler bags the Ugly Divorce is studiously well made; it has a strong strap, a large and well padded shoulder segment and every stitch is tight and strong. There's an exceedingly chunky clasp for adjusting the strap length and as with the Crumpler Righthand, employs the "Third Leg" for extra support and stability when carrying the bag.

Inside it tucks away an inordinate amount of stuff. There are pockets all over the shop with the laptop segment covered by a Velcro fold over flap. This section also contains space for magazines and other A4 sized items (i.e. folders, documents and books) and two net pockets also with Velcro fastening. Opposite this are a further two zip sealed pockets, though oddly they share one zip between the two of them.

There's even more storage space in a zipped segment at the front of the bag that sits behind the main flap. It houses even more zipped and Velcro secured pockets, ideal for MP3 players and compact cameras. Unfortunately, the zip to open this segment is a tad stiff, though it does at least mean it's very strong and shouldn't break as some do.

Thankfully, the main flap doesn't use a zip and instead relies upon a combination of Velcro and two plastic clips. This is a useful combination since the Velcro provides quick and easy access, while the two clips provide a more secure fastening when required.


At £120 it isn't for everybody, but the Ugly Divorce provides an ample amount of storage and a level of quality that few can match. Those that can afford it will enjoy a versatile and high quality bag that'll last them for years.


Many thanks to distributor Simms International for providing our review sample.

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